14 July 2018

5 New In

Beauty products
5 new beauty product discoveries.

So I thought I'd start a little series here. 5 New In products. As they come up. So it won't necessarily be monthly etc but just when I have 5 new products that I've tested out and want to share. Sometimes these posts might be published closer together than other times, because I'm a normal girl, and unfortunately don't get sent products to review (sad face) and only buy when I need a new product. Anyway that's the intro out of the way so let me show you my newest products.

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Restore Cleanser

This is a really lovely cream cleanser using organic ingredients. It's very gentle on the sking and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight which is what I want from a cleanser. Especially during the winter months when my already dry skin feels like its about to flake off any second. Containing ingredients such as olive leaf extract, red seaweed and vitamin A and E, this cleanser provides calming effects and antioxidants to protect the skin. 
OMG, I love this product and is possibly my favourite in this list. A light weight, sheer tinted moisturiser, that is slightly buildable. I was searching for a product that I could just "slap" on my face quickly using my fingers, that would even out my skin tone, had skincare benefits and that I could use day to day, in particular when I was doing activities with the kids. And this hit that brief perfectly, and I have found that I now use it everytime I wear makeup and rarely pick up my normal foundation.It has an SPF 30 which is perfect if like me you always forget to put yours on. It leaves the skin with a dewy glow and is something that will always be  in my makeup draw. 

Soel Walker Rose Witch Hydrating Face Mist

Soel Walker is a brand I discovered on Instagram from following the creator Nikki Cruz. A beautiful brand with stunning packaging and a simple ingredient list. I've never been big on mists or toners, frankly I'm usually too lazy to use them. However I've really been enjoying using it as part if my skincare routine, over the top of make up and spritzing through out the day to give my skin a hit of hydration.

Mixed feelings towards this one. I really enjoy how this feels on the skin. Light weight, yet thanks to the hyaluronic acid, hydrated. For my skin type (dry) I think I would prefer this even more during the summer months, or just as a day time moisturiser for winter. Now the next bit is personal opinion and taste. The scent. I was really hoping that it would grow on me but unfortunately it hasn't and I just don't like it. Normally I don't care about scent too much in a product aslong as the product works well, who cares. But for me this scent is quite strong and when your putting it on your face it makes this stage of my skincare routine unenjoyable. However, as I said this is personal preference, my sister for example loves the scent. Originally I would have said that I wouldn't repurchase this due to the scent however, since first purchasing I have found out it does come in another scent, so I might give that one a go. 
Apparently I've been having a bit of a thing for more natural products as of late. My final product I want to share with you is from French brand Bastide. I chose to try a hand cream from them as I'm interested in picking up one of their fragances or candles, but because I shop mainly online (what happens when you live an hour out of town) I didn't know what scent I would like. Enter hand creams. A great way to trying out a scent before the commitment of a fragance.  the hand cream is a lovely formula that sinks in quickly, which is always a must for me. And has been great at keeping my hands soft, which has been a real struggle (for my whole body!) during the harsh weather  of winter. Described as being reminiscent of lazy mornings, this smells of musky lavender, and I'm not even going to try and describe the scent further because I'm terrible at that. Basically if you like light, floral scents this might not be for you, but if you like a more deep musky scent I think you'd like this. 

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