20 March 2018

Styling the Bump at 30 Weeks

Styling the bump, bump style, maternity fashion | Cassandra Lee

It's no lie, dressing an ever changing body is no easy feat and I have definitely not mastered it, even tho this is my second time round. I expected a lot of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy to work this time, but my bump is a VERY different shape (and size - I'm HUGE!) compared to when I was pregnant with Amelia and because of this most of the maternity clothes I had kept from my first pregnancy have long been discarded into my "can't fit this" pile.

Oversized stripe button up

I have desperately been trying not to buy maternity specific clothes as this will be my last pregnancy, so didn't want to be wasting money on clothes that will only be worn for a short time. I have had to cave once to this and buy a pair of maternity jeans that I got from H&M, and highly recommend - so comfy! They are an over the bump style which I hated when pregnant with Amelia, but this time under the bump styles feel like they are going to cut me in half! 

Styling the bump, bump style, fashion, striped shirt, knitted skirts, maternity fashion

I've been looking for tops specifically that I can wear with my jeans, so have been saving oversized silhouettes and longline tops to my wishlists on many sites. This top arrived yesterday from ASOS (very low in stock as it's on sale but I'll link some other options below). I had it sitting in my wishlist for ages hoping my size would come back in stock and sure enough it did so I immediately added to my basket. I love oversized button ups in my normal style so I know I will get plenty of wear out of this once I've go my body back to myself - plus it will be great for breastfeeding. I was particularly draw to the cuffs and contrast fabric under the sleeve. 

Bump style, maternity fashion, style the bump, dress the bump, oversized shirts with knitted skirts

The next challenge today was finding some bottoms to wear with this shirt, my one pair of jeans that fit were in the wash pile...NOOOOO! So a grabbed a couple of skirts that I've had in my wardrobe for a while and tried them on. The first skirt was a no- go, there was no way the zip was going up! But this skirt from Maurie & Eve is in a knitted fabric, is a wrap style and has an elasticized waistband. I was shocked I was able to get this over my butt, but luckily I wiggled it up and it comfortable under my bump. Knitted skirts are something else I've been looking into to get me through the last months of the pregnancy and again I'll leave some other options linked below. 

Statement cuffs, style the bump, bump style

So now I have another outfit to wear other than jeans which makes me so happy as I've been getting seriously depressed when it comes to the fashion department lately. Hence a lack of posts both here and on Instagram. What tips do you have to dressing a bump? 

Tops I've got my eye on:

Skirts I've got my eye on:

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