15 February 2018

Hello Bump

Well, where have I been for the last few months? Unless you follow me over on Instagram you may not know that my partner and I are expecting our second child.

Cam and I had been trying to fall pregnant for a couple of months and in September I took the test and sure enough there was a little baby starting to grow inside my belly. I am very lucky that I have never had problems conceiving and am so thankful for that. I can't imagine how hard it must be for woman to constantly be disappointed with the arrival of Aunt flow each month. The few months that we were trying my period arrived late each time just enough to get my hopes up, so I really feel for woman who have had to go through IVF etc. 

I mention this because at the start of my pregnancy with our little Max (yes, there it is the name reveal) I felt very disconnected from him, something which I didn't experience with Amelia. And I feel that this may have been because I was trying not to get my hopes up incase my period came (as it had in the months prior) or something happened. I had a small amount of spotting at the beginning of my pregnancy, which the Doctor was not concerned by, but as anyone Mother will tell you, you get very worried over the smallest of things when pregnant. And during those first few weeks, I felt that I was going to lose my baby. Again a little bit irrational as the Doctor was happy with how things where going but that was how I felt. 

And it probably wasn't until I found out the sex and started feeling those little kicks that I started really connecting with my baby boy. 

I was planning on doing regular bump updates and "how to style a bump" posts, but this pregnancy has been very different for me. I had quite a bit of "morning sickness" (read that as all day sickness) for probably about the first 20 weeks, which I really struggled with. Mind you a lot of women have had it much worse than me. And when you are feeling like crap every single day and not like yourself, it is very hard to get the energy and more importantly the motivation, to take photos and edit them and all the rest. 

I have also experienced a lot of pain in my stomach this time round, purely from the weight of it. I'm definitely bigger than what I was with Amelia, but I think the biggest contributor is that the muscles there are just not what they were when I was 23. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I could go back I'd be telling myself to exercise between babies!

I won't go into too many more of my symptoms but I did want to touch on a few because this pregnancy I have not been enjoying. And that's OK. Pregnancy takes a hell of a lot out of  your body and every pregnancy is different. Some women love being pregnancy others hate it. And some like it with one baby and hate it with the next. I'm definitely the latter. 

So where am I at now? I am 25 weeks pregnant now, which means I'm getting close to the third trimester. My current symptoms include serious heatburn especially at night! Honestly this kid had better come out with a lot of hair (old wives tale), very low energy levels which I've had the whole pregnancy, body aches, gas and constipation, I know that's probably a bit TMI but it is a very common symptom of pregnancy. I'm on iron tablets too which does not help with that at all! Another slightly TMI symptom is my breasts have started leaking. Only very small amounts but I wanted to share this one because when I was pregnant with Amelia I had no idea that that could happen while pregnant. 

I haven't been able to see my toes for a few weeks now, and struggle bending down now. I'm not sure exactly how much weight I've put on so far but I think it is probably around 6 or 7 kg. Max is kicking like crazy especially this week. Before now I'd only really feel movement at night and now it's all day every day. Which is a beautiful feeling and one that is very hard to explain. It can also be very uncomfortable when he gets a rib or kicks low down in my pelvis. 

Max's hair might be thickening now if he has any, and probably has a hair colour now. He's lungs are also developing and nostrils are now open. He can also tell which way is up and which is down which will hopefully be preparing him to get ready for birth, no feet first please! He is about the size of a cabbage and can also detect light and may even react to it. 

And that is where I'm going to leave this post. I will try and do atleast one more before the arrival of Max and as I did with Amelia I will do a labour story too. I hope this post was somewhat interesting, and I do apologise if my writing is not the best, it has been awhile. 

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