14 September 2017


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Sun shining, gently warming your skin. Blue skies, squinted eyes. Beaches...or maybe like me your surrounded by trees and golden crunching of grass that hasn't had a drop of water for months. A summer picture. No matter where you are around the world, summer always includes that beautiful hot sun. 

Summer Dress | Cassandra Lee Blog

Being in Australia (and recently relocating to "the outback") summer styling has always resulted in me giving up on "fashionable outfits" in favour of keeping as cool as possible with as little fabric as public decency will allow. Denim cutoffs, tees and cami's become my daily uniform. And while there is nothing wrong with this look – after the first 2 weeks of only rocking this, your style gets a little boring to say the least.  

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Isabelle Quinn Dress | Cassandra Lee Blog This year tho, I'm aiming (emphasis there) to break my continually summer rut and have been busy filling inspo boards with effortless styles that are as chic as they are easy. A common factor in many of the looks inspiring me this year has been linen. No other fabric quite represents the summer months like linen. 

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Isabelle Quinn | Cassandra Lee Blog

Not only is it a breathable and light fabric helping to keep you cool, when the fabric creases it looks even better (however unlike me, I'd suggest you actually iron it when you first take it out of packaging, what can I say I was too eager to wear it) and only adds to that effortless –I'm on permanent holiday- vibe that really who doesn't want to replicate in summer. Better yet actually be on one.  

Summer Fashion | Cassandra Lee Blog

Linen fashion | Cassandra Lee Blog

I particularly love this dress from Isabelle Quinn that I saw last season but didn't manage to get(it's on sale now so be quick cause it sells out fast!). It offers a lot more coverage than what I usually go for in summer, with the long bell sleeves and maxi length skirt. And for me, this is something I really need to start thinking about when it comes to dressing in the summertime. I am incredible fair skinned and as I have gotten older I burn a bit easier than I used. And there's no better sun protection than keeping your skin out of it.  


  1. Protection from our very hot sun and damaging UV is a must! You do it in such style.

    1. Thank you. I try although not sure how often I accomplish that, especially now there is a bump involved. Mind you this pregnancy I don't really care how I look aslong as I'm comfortable.


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