22 June 2017

Evo Hair Review

Evo hair ry.com.au | Cassandra Lee Blog

I've been wanting to try products from Evo from the moment I saw their quirky product names. 

Before I get into the products themselves tho, I have to talk about the brand and packaging. "Saving ordinary humans from themselves" is the brands motto which matches perfectly to their fresh, cool and somewhat wacky descriptions on their products. 

Evo hair RY.com.au | Cassandra Lee Blog

With a minimalist design, that hasn't abandoned colour, these products only add to your bathroom's decor, and bringing a hint of cheek with them. And when the packaging is 100% recycleable (something I'm becoming increasingly aware of) Evo hair products just keep impressing me.

Happy Campers RY.com.au | Cassandra Lee Blog

And while we are talking about the recyclability of the products, I'd highly recommend you check out the brands social responsibility claims on their website. Yep, not only does this brand deliver professional styling products, they are also trying to make a positive impact on the world. 

Now hair is definitely not my strong suit.  Let's be honest, I SUCK at styling my hair, and because of this I tend to neglect and spend very little time on it. Which is why I was drawn to Evo. Their products are simple and easy to use. No fuss and do what they say. 

Evo review | Cassandra Lee Blog

From the four products I tried, Happy Campers is probably my favourite, and my hair definitely needed something like this product. Being slightly dry and a bit damaged from heat styling, the added moisture was very welcomed. Plus this product provides heat protection from your styling tools and the sun. I have tried products in the past to add moisture back to my hair, but usually in the form of hair masks, which I never end up using. I use them once or twice and end up wasting the rest because I just can't be bothered waiting around for 10 minutes. So the fact Happy Campers is a leave in product, that I put through my hair straight after washing it, is a huge bonus in my books. 

Love Touch Evo | Cassandra Lee Blog

Love Touch was also a great product. Super simple to use again - literally spray on shine! My hair has always been extremely dull, and this product gave it a beautiful natural shine, that I particularly liked when I was looking for a slightly more polished look. 

Evo Hair | Cassandra Lee Blog

Easy Tiger and Liquid Rollers. I really liked the smoothing effects of these products and the fact that they also had moisturising benefits, however, I did feel these two weren't quite right for me. Now this is not because of the formulas, but because I think they would be better suited to people with naturally curly or thick coarse hair, as opposed to my very fine, limp hair. I think for people with curly hair you are probably going to see a lot more benefits from these two. If your like me tho, another product will probably give you the same smoothing results in a lighter formula. 

EVO hair from ry.com.au | Cassandra Lee Blog

You can pick up a huge range of Evo products from Ry.com.au, who are a great australian online hair and beauty retailer. Oh and just a heads up they currently have a promotion on Evo products were you can get the Love Touch Shine spray for free. Your welcome! 

This post is in collaboration with Ry.com.au. Check out their instagram.

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