16 March 2017

Wardrobe Rehab - How to Create a Curated Wardrobe

Wardrobe rehab | Cassandra Lee Blog
We've all been there - staring into a closet full of clothes just to find we have 'nothing to wear'. Impulse buying and lack of direction when it comes to what to buy, results in us having a wardrobe bursting at the seams, but full of things that don't go together, creating hours of wasting time trying on clothes before finally coming up with an outfit for the day, that looks half decent. 

This past month, I've really started getting sick of this feeling. And when I don't have a lot of spare money to be putting towards clothes I really want to be making sure that the clothes I do buy, work for me and my lifestyle and last me a long time so I get plenty of wear out of them. 

Wardrobe Clearout | Cassandra Lee Blog

At the start of ever year I usually do a wardrobe clear out and for me the best way of doing this is taking everything, and I mean EVERYTHING out and putting it on your bed, giving you a clean slate to work with. This is the first step in any wardrobe rehab. As you start hanging your clothes back up, ask yourself: Have I worn this recently? Do I love it? Is it damaged, and if so can it be fixed? And does it still fit?

If the answer is yes, put it back in your wardrobe. If not, decide whether you want to sell it or donate it or if it needs to go into the bin. I'm really bad with selling, to be honest I'm just to lazy to do it, and usually just end up donating my items. But selling unwanted items is a great way of making some extra money that you can put back towards new clothes. Ebay is a great place for selling anything unwanted but I've also discover two apps, SHEDD & Carousell that are more specifically for selling unwanted clothes.

Wardrobe Rehab Hack | Cassandra Lee Blog

During your wardrobe clearout try and be as honest and ruthless as you can be. I know this can be super hard, which is were my next tip comes in. When hanging your items back up, place the coathanger in the wrong way. Then everytime you wear an item and place it back into your wardrobe, hang it the right way. This way come your next clear out, you can see exactly what you've been wearing and what you haven't. The items still facing the wrong way, have to go, unless you have a dam good reason why you didn't wear them.

Now that you've got this beautiful clean wardrobe, your probably eager to get to the shops and start replacing some of those items you've tossed but STOP! Remember at the start of this post I mentioned impulse shopping? Lack of direction? Well, we need to fix those things first before you spend another dime on clothes. 

Wardrobe Rehab Pinterest style boards | Cassandra Lee Blog

Head to Pinterest and if you haven't already, create a style board. I have two boards for my style inspiration: one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter. You definitely don't have to have two.  I've done it because I feel my style changes quite a bit depending on the season. 

Now I give you permission to spend hours getting lost in the world of Pinterest. Pin any style related image that speaks to you, inspires you or that you can see yourself wearing. Look up style icons if you have any, bloggers or even specific styles. And don't forget to have a look at the related pins. You want to pin a heap of ideas, because once your finished your going to go through your style board and start looking for themes or similarities between the pins. For example, if you look at my winter board, the colours are all predominately neutrals, mixed with mustard, burgundy and blush. There are a lot of outfits that mix midi skirts with chunky knits, mom jeans, relaxed tailoring and high necks. This is a great way of really starting to understand and develop your style. Write down your observations as your going to want to reflect on these in the next step. 

It's time for your wardrobe self-assessment. For this you'll need to print off this workbook from Un-Fancy (highly recommended checking out her website for other useful information). This workbook was created for people wanting to start capsule wardrobes, but even if you don't want to restrict the amount of items you have in your wardrobe, there are really helpful sections in it, that help you assess what is working in your wardrobe and what isn't. Remember to have a bit of fun with it, you don't have to do every section, but I'd recommend you try. I am going to go through a few of my sections that I found particularly insightful. Oh and before you get started I'd recommend you take your workbook down to your wardrobe and fill it out there, so you really see what is going on in. 

Create a curated wardrobe | Cassandra Lee Blog

Lifestyle - For me this was a really great way of actually seeing where I spend my time and doing what activities. Of course I knew that most of my time is spent at home with my daughter, but actually seeing this write down, really inforced the fact that I am seriously lacking casual clothes, that I can easily dress up and create a polished look if I need to duck out to run an errand, or go grocery shopping.

Brands - Again a great way to narrow down what brands you like and what works for you. I mostly shop online, so by knowing exactly what brands I prefer, I can quickly search those brands on places like ASOS or The Iconic (two of my favourite stores), which means less time scrolling through the endless items.

Colour - Now this section really made me realize how wrong my thoughts on my style actually were. Whenever I used to think about my style I always thought I loved colour, but in actual fact I much prefer wearing neutrals. Now that's not to say I never wear colour, but they definitely don't make up the majority of my wardrobe. Now when looking for new pieces I know exactly what colours I prefer to wear and that suit, rather than grabbing clothes blindly. 

The workbook has lots of great sections, but these three where my favourite and the ones I'd recommend you don't skip. 

Curated closet | Cassandra Lee Blog

Also I just want to mention, when creating your shopping list just keep in mind you don't have to get all the items straight away. Most of my items are classics and basics that I feel I need in my wardrobe. For me, I'd prefer to wait and get good quality items as these will be in my wardrobe a long time. In the long run, it makes more sense to spend a bit more on these items so that they last, rather than having to replace them each year. 

What are you top tips for curating a wardrobe that works for you?

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