03 October 2016

Disney Craze

Disney kidswear cotton on

Has anyone else noticed Disney motifs popping up everywhere from kidswear to womenswear and accessories? As a self confessed Disney addict even as an adult, I'm loving it. So it seemed only natural that my daughter have a little Disney magic in her wardrobe.

Disney Cotton On | Cassandra Lee Blog

I'm not one of these cool insta-mums, who dresses their kids in the most ridiculously cute monochromatic outfits, that are super trendy, I tend to keep Amelia's outfits pretty simple. 

As a 2 year old, Amelia is into (and on top of) everything! She needs her clothes to allow her to run, jump, roll, climb, flip, crawl, slide and who knows what else, with ease. So with that in mind I tend to just put her in a nice t-shirt and some shorts or a skirt. 

Cotton On Kids Disney | Cassandra Lee Blog

As soon as I saw this Disney sequinned shirt I had to get it for her. I'm not a big fan of kids clothing that has Disney or other characters printed on to the fabric as I find it can often look really cheap and tacky, but this simple Mickey Mouse silhouette in sequins, is perfect and relatively understated, for sequins anyway. 

To keep Amelia's outfit cool and comfy, as it was a pretty warm day, I paired it with this chambray shorts. They look like denim but are much lighter.

Cotton On Kids | Cassandra Lee Blog

And to finish her little outfit off, how could I not grab this strappy sandals with WINGS! I'm super jealous of these shoes and totally wish they came in my size. 

Amelia's full outfit is from Cotton On Kids.

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  1. Excellent views on children and how they should be cherished as children and not little adults!


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