14 September 2016

Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner Review

Hylamide Review Cassandra Lee

I don't quite remember the first time I saw anyone talking about the Deciem Company and it's brand Hylamide, but I do remember ever since I heard about them, I have been completely fascinated with their products. One of the more recent launches from Hylamide is the High-Efficiency Face Cleaner (HEFC), which I've been using for almost a month and have really been enjoying.

Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner | Cassandra Lee
 The HEFC is used like an oil cleanser, however has a much lighter formulation. If you are unfamilar with oil cleansers, you apply them to a dry face, work the product into the skin using circular motions and then wet your hands to add water to the product which turns it into a milky formulation, before rinsing the product off. 

I find the HEFC to remove makeup very well, however, I do usually use my micellar water to do that job first as I want this cleanser to focus purely on cleaning my skin. I do want to point out this is not necessary it's just how I do it at the moment. 

Hylamide HEFC Review | Cassandra Lee

HEFC is super easy to use and to remove, by simply splashing your face with water. It does leave behind a "residue" (which it is supposed to do) that helps protect and hydrate the skin. If you are someone who likes to use a face cloth to remove you cleanser, you will remove some of this residue, which won't effect how well it works as a cleanser but you will be missing out on an added advantage of this product. 

Hylamide Review | Cassandra Lee

The only bad things I have to say about this product is that it does sometimes irritate my eyes slightly so if you do have sensitive eyes keep that in mind and maybe avoid the area. And the second is that unfortunately at this stage, only the Hylamide serums are stocked in any stores within Australia (available at Priceline and except to see them on here at some point) as far as I am aware, so you do have to purchase the other products by the brand online. I got my HEFC from Adore Beauty, however you can purchase from the Deciem website too. 

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