24 August 2016

Supporting the Australian Wool Industry

Australian Merino Wool Cassandra Lee
A few months back, I was doing my daily (OK, more like hourly) scroll through instagram when I came across a post from Kirsten Anderton (fashion blogger from Melbourne), featuring a grey cowl neck jumper. I immediately clicked on the photo to see where it was from and was so surprised to see it was from Jeanswest. 

Cowl Neck Australian wool Cassandra Ryan

100% Australian Wool Cassandra Lee

A quick scroll of Jeanswest's instagram and website, and I had discovered an incredible campaign that had been released for winter in support of the Australian Wool industry. Not only were the items in the collection beautiful and incredibly affordable, they were made from material sourced here in Australia. And as many of you might know, Australian wool is known for its quality and is highly sought after.

Merino Wool Cassandra Lee

Jeanswest loves wool Campaign Cassandra Lee

I'll be the first to admit, that I rarely consider whether my clothing is ethically made or where it is produced, something that I'm trying to be more considerate of, but when I discover a campaign like this I have to share it and try and promote the conversation of where our clothes are made and by who. Something that surprised me even more than the Australian wool garments, was the fact that Jeanswest's ethical standards are actually easy to find on their website (if interested read about them here), which is pretty rare for any company or brand to do. 

Jeanswest Australian Wool Cassandra Lee

Jeanswest Wool Collection Cassandra Lee

This pale pink jumper that I chose from the collection is made from 100% Australian Merino Wool, and was under $100. If your someone who reads the labels on your clothes, you'd know how hard it is to find even a 50% wool item for under that price. It is the softest, most beautiful jumper I own and I know it will last me a long time. That is if I don't shrink it in the wash! HAND WASH ONLY!

100% Merino Wool Cassandra Lee

Australian Wool Industry Cassandra Lee

Unfortunately, I'm getting this post up a little later than I would have preferred, so there aren't too many items left from the collection. Hopefully by drawing a bit of attention to it, Jeanswest will continue to release a collection each year of these beautiful and high quality garments. 

Outfit Details:

Pants: Last season ASOS (similar here)
Jumper: Jeanswest
Jacket: Just Jeans ( old similar here)
Shoes: Instep (similar here)
Bag: Colette Hayman (similar here)

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