17 August 2016

Amelia's 2nd Birthday

Baby crocodiles Darling Downs Zoo
Two years has gone by so quickly. I swear I'm still getting used to the fact I'm a mum, let alone a mum to a 2 year old. It's been a while since I've done a post about Amelia so this seemed like a perfect , but it's nice to have these little posts to see how much she has changed.

wallaby at darling downs zoo

For Amelia's second birthday, I decided we'd keep it pretty small, and invited our family up for the weekend, for a trip to the zoo. 

Amelia has never been to the zoo, and I thought Darling Downs Zoo would be perfect for her age. They have a pretty good variety of animals to see and interact with, but it is also a small enough zoo that little kids won't get tired out too quickly.

2nd birthday at darling downs zoo
Feeding time at the darling downs zoo
It took Amelia a bit of time, but once she got feeding the animals there was no stopping her. She showed no interest in the lions and tigers, instead wandering off to pat and feed the wallabies and deer.  But by far her favourite animal, was the zebras. That was until one decided her hand looked particularly yummy. Oops. 

Zebras at darling downs zoo
From the smiles on her face, I think the zoo was pretty successful. 

Peppa Pig

Once home, there were plenty of presents to unwrap and of course what 2nd birthday would be complete without a Peppa Pig cake, that took hours to make I might add.

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  1. The weekend was wonderful! The Darling Downs Zoo was perfect and the Peppa Pig cake a work of art. ��������


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