14 January 2016

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016: Rose Quatz & Serenity

Pantone 2016 rose quartz and serenity
Image Source: Pantone

The new year brings with it the announcement of Pantone's colour of the year, giving us a overview of what colour trends we can expect throughout the year when it comes to fashion, beauty and interior decor. 

And for the first time ever Pantone has chosen two colours to inspire us with: rose quartz and serenity. Said to be chosen to depict the worlds interest in gender equality and a need for tranquility from modern day stresses, the shades together bring a sense of calm and harmony. 

Rose quartz and serenity decor
Image Source: Stylecaster

Pantone 2016 bedroom
Image Source: Apartment Therapy

My initial reaction to incorporating these colours into my life is homewares and decor. Having for the past few months been considering a pale blue couch to replace our tired old thing that has been destroyed by dogs and children, I have never had a stronger conviction in carrying out this desire. 

In loving a bright fresh space, but feeling that the minimalism of black and white did not represent myself, I had searched pinterest for ideas and having seen numerous colourful, but still peaceful and calming spaces incorporating a blue couch, I began to consider how I'd merge this statement piece into my own living area. 

On seeing the colour's of the year, I have had a fresh hit of inspiration and instead of trying a blue and grey colour scheme (quite simple and a lets be honest, a bit boring), I want to push myself to try and include some other colours, and taking the Pantone's colours of the year as a sign from the heavens, it seems fitting that, that colour be rose quartz. And what easier way then adding it in with some throw blankets or cushions. 

With plans of getting our new couch in the next few months, I can't wait to see if I can accomplish this. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Pantone 2016 fashion
Image Source: Song of Style

Rose quartz and serenity fashion
Image Source: Instyle

But Pantone's colours are not only suited to the home. These two colours go perfectly together in creating a soft, romantic outfit. 

By pairing a pair of pale blue jeans, with a white tee and blush blazer for a casual take on these colours. Or try a more girly take by finding a floaty dress that mixes the two colours in layers of lace and chiffon. But don't feel you have to mix both of the colours into the look. While these colours complement each other well, they look just as beautiful by themselves.

Pink eyeshadow for blue eyes
Image Source: Bellashoot

Pink eyeshadow for brown eyes
Image Source: Become Gorgeous

Pantone 2016 inspired nails
Image Source: Instyle

Now onto beauty. For me my first thought when it comes to beauty is makeup. And while I wouldn't suggest mixing these two colours into one makeup look (but don't let me put you off, there are after all no rules when it comes to makeup), you can get away with utilising one. For a fresh, dreamy and wearable look try a pale pink eye. While I feel this looks best on people with blue eyes, don't be afraid to give it a go if you have brown, just try blending a more neutral shade into the crease. 

For those a little more shy of adding colours into their beauty looks, try painting your nails. I feel you can always get a way with a more daring colour when painted on to well manicured hands and toes. 

While in a completely different colour spectrum to last years Marsala, I can see how rose quartz and serenity, have been influenced by what is happening in the world, both politically and the trends in fashion. These colours will be popular throughout the year and I feel for many years to come. 

Disclaimer: Images are not my own. Original websites have been linked to the images. 

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