18 July 2015

Amelia's 11 Month Update


11 month update

11 month update

11 month update

I can't believe 1 month from now and Amelia will be 1. Where has the time gone?

Sleeping: Oh my god don't even ask! No better then the last few months. It feels like it will never get better. I feel very stressed out about it, not only because I'm so exhausted I can't handle anything, but the fact that at the end of the year Amelia will be staying with my parents, while we go overseas. And I really want her to be sleeping well, and in her own bed by then, otherwise she is going to struggle with being away from us so much more.

Eating: Thankfully Amelia is atleast a good eater, although she has been off her food this past week as she's been sick. I think she's going off baby food too. She doesn't seem to be interested in purees and only wants what we are eating. Anyone else experience this?

Milestones: She is on the move! That's right, Amelia has been walking now for the past few weeks. Crazy! And she now knows how to pull herself up onto the couch and get down. There's no escaping her now. 

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