23 June 2015

Amelia's Ten Month Update

10 month baby update

10 month baby update

10 month baby update

10 month baby update

Weight & Height: Amelia didn't get weighed this month, but she has definitely gown threw a growth spurt. She is getting so tall. I don't really notice it until I see her with other kids around her age, and she's almost a head taller. Tall and skinny-super model in the making maybe. Haha. 

Sleeping: Amelia's sleeping is still the same. She is still having two naps during the day, her morning nap is usually about 2 hours and then she has another 1 hour nap in the arvo. During the night, she is still waking up a few times, however, I read this article, and am not stressing about it as much anymore. 

Eating: Oh my god, this child would not stop eating if you let her. She loves solids. The only food that she hasn't liked, so far (fingers crossed it stays this way) is tomatoes. 

I am a little worried that I may be losing my milk tho. Either that or she is having a growth spurt. The last week I just can't seem to keep up with her, so we have been topping up her feeds with formula. I'm not sure how I feel about this, I sometimes don't love breastfeeding, as I really miss having personally space, and I'm definitely someone who loved her personal space! But I also didn't want to have to stop breastfeeding until Amelia wanted to stop, but unfortunately it's out my control. 

Milestones: You may have noticed in the first photo, Amelia has two teeth. They came up within a week of each other. And what a tough few weeks that was. But now she has the cutest little small. She is also so close to taking her first step. The last few days she has been testing it out, lifting one leg then putting it back down. 

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