21 May 2015

Amelia's Nine Month Update

Oh how I wish I could say last month was better then the one before, but it wasn't. In all honesty, I've been struggling this month. Amelia's sleeping have still been shocking, however, we have started trying to make it better (more on that further down). With the lack of sleep I just can't cope with anything! I'm thinking of doing a separate post on this, so I won't discuss now.

As hard as motherhood, it really is one of the most wonderful and magically experiences. I love watching Amelia learn new things and how she is fascinated by the simplest things. 

Weight & Height: We had a Child Health Nurse appointment this month, so her weight, height, head circumference etc. She's weighing 7.6 kg and is 73 cm tall, which, as she has always been, puts her above average for height and below for weight. In other words she is taking after her Mum and Dad. 

Sleeping: At the start of the month, Amelia's sleeping habitats where pretty much the same as last month. She was waking numerous times during the night, and whilst she would start off in her nursery, I would end up bringing her into our bed and sticking her on the boob, just so I could get back to sleep asap. I don't know how Mother's can do different sleep methods when your so exhausted. 

Last Wednesday we started a sleep training method, where you sleep in the nursery next to the crib with them, which Cam has been doing so I can get a bit more sleep. And thankfully, it is working! She is now only waking once for a feed and then going back into her crib, and we are thinking of trying to cut this feed out soon.

Eating: We are down to 4-5 feeds a day. Normally about 3 through the day and then one at night and sometimes she'll have a early morning feed too (this is usually before 5am).

Milestones: She's talking! Her first word was Mum and in the last week she has started saying Dad. Unfortunately for me, since she has started saying Dad, she doesn't say Mum much.

She is also standing by herself and has learnt how to get into the cupboards and everything else! She broke a glass jug just before we finished child proofing the kitchen, luckily she didn't cut herself.

She is still teething, but the teeth haven't quite broken through. I really hope they do soon, to give her a bit of relief before the next ones start coming through. I think they will be here any day now. Fingers crossed.

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