19 April 2015

Amelia's Eight Month Update

Last week has got to be the hardest week I've had since becoming a mum.

Amelia was teething and her Daddy bought a cold home from work which she caught. 

There is nothing worse as a mum, then to see your baby in pain and not be able to do anything to help them. At the start of the week, Amelia was crying and screaming all day! We gave her panadol of course to try and help, but all she wanted was to be held by me and even then still was crying most of the time. That went on for a few days before she finally started feeling better. And on top of that we were getting no sleep! Thankfully, my parents came for a visit and where here for most of the week, which was good to have them around for help.

On to Amelia's 8 month update. 

Sleeping: As I said above sleeping has been pretty bad! The last week while she was sick, she was waking every hour and a half. And the only way we could get her to stop screaming and back to sleep was to give her a breastfeed. Before that she was still waking multiple times during the night. Her Dad and I have been speaking about it and once she is feeling better, we are going to start getting tougher during the night. 

She has just started sleeping in her own room during the day. Once she's been doing that for a week or so, I think we will be moving her in there at night as well. 

Eating: Amelia is still a great eater! She has dropped her 11am breastfeed, so the weaning process has started! She did go a bit off her solid food while she was sick but is back to normal now.

Milestones: My little girl is so close to talking. She is saying "Ma" and "Da" but isn't quite getting the whole word yet. Although a few times we have thought we heard her say Mum or Dad but haven't been sure so we haven't counted it yet. 

Hopefully, next month is better. I'm not looking forward to the nights when we get tougher, it will be hard but will have to remind ourselves it will be worth it in the long run.

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