18 March 2015

Amelia's Seven Month Update

Sleeping:  Not much has changed with Amelia's sleep patterns. I have been trying to get her up and ready for the day around 5 or 6 now, because that seems to be when she wants to be getting. I don't think I've ever successfully gotten her to sleep in til 7 so I'm giving up on that. The last few nights she has only been waking up once, fingers crossed that continues.

Eating:  Again there isn't too much to update on this either. She is still really enjoying all her solids thankfully. I'm sure it will change at some stage as all kids seem to go through a stage where they won't eat anything. 

I'm still breastfeeding just as much. Some feeds however, she will only go on the breast for 2 or 3 minutes and then loses interest, so maybe she is starting to self wean, who knows. I've also been trying to get her start drinking water, but she isn't too interested in it yet.

I have decided not to do the one formula feed a day that I started last month. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, and it is safe for your baby, I reminder myself this month what I originally wanted to do in regards to feeding. I want to start cutting back on day time feeds but I want to do it when Amelia does not nutritionally need all the milk feeds and I don't want to do it and then have to replace it with something else. So I've gone back to just breastfeeding.  

Milestones: Amelia is getting stronger and stronger! It won't surprise me if she starts walking in the next couple of months. She has now started walking the length of the couch (holding on, of course). She loves bath time, and splashing in the water. 

She has been teething quite badly the last week, hopefully some teeth pop up soon for her to give her some relief.

She hasn't started talking yet, unfortunately, I can't wait to hear her talk.

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