19 February 2015

Amelia's Six Month Update

I can't believe my little girl is now 6 months old. Where did the time go?

She has grown so much in the last month, and is starting to develop her own little personality. 

This month we had a visit to the Doctor to get Amelia's 6 month immunisation needles. I hate taking her to get her needles, it feels awful, having to restrict your child while a stranger jabs them, but it is for the best. Luckily, she has never had any reactions to the needles, she'll just sleep a lot more that day.

Weight & Height:  Amelia now weight 6.75 kg and is 67 cm tall, putting her just below average for her weight and above average for her height, which is completely normal for her.

Sleeping:  Oh how I wish I could say that she is a brilliant sleeper, sleeping through the night and having 1-2 hour naps throughout the day. But I can't! Amelia wakes anywhere from 1-3 times a night, usually twice, waking once around 11 and waking the second time around 2-3 am. However, some nights it is completely different. She likes to keep me guessing (she is still sleeping in our room, with plans to move her into her nursery soon).

During the day I try and get Amelia to have 2 x 1-2 hour naps and one smaller nap in the afternoon. She has started getting better with being put down for naps, but again she likes to keep me on my toes, consistently changing how long she will sleep at each nap.

Eating:  Amelia has now been on solids for around 2 months and is going fantastic! She seems to be really enjoying the whole experience. Her favourite foods this month would have to be banana and yoghurt, I think she would eat that forever if we let her. I mainly spoonfeed Amelia, however, I try and let her play and feed herself at dinner time, so she can experience the textures etc and make a mess, and I can easily clean her up by giving her a bath afterwards.

I'm still breastfeeding Amelia about 6 times a day, 4 during the day and 2 at night, however, after talking to my healthcare professional, I'm going to start replacing 1 of her daytime feeds with formula. This was something I bought up with the Doctor, as I want to start trying to cut back down on the breastfeeds during the day. This is a very personal decision and I recommend you always talk to your healthcare professional prior to doing this.

Milestones: She is on the move! Last month Amelia had started getting up onto all fours and taking on or two steps but hadn't quite worked out the coordination. At the start of this month, she was all over it and has now started exploring the house. In someways this is a blessing! She is now able to keep herself entertained for long periods of time, but I now have to be chasing her around making sure she isn't getting into anything she shouldn't be. She likes to pull herself up on the furniture now, particular the window sills so she can have a look outside. 

She has also started squealing this month, which is quite funny to hear. She loves it and has a big grin on her face when she is doing it. I get a little concerned when she starts going red in the face tho. Does anyone else's kids do that? 

I'm looking forward to seeing what she gets up to next month, maybe some talking? 

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