14 September 2017


Linen Dress | Cassandra lee Blog

Sun shining, gently warming your skin. Blue skies, squinted eyes. Beaches...or maybe like me your surrounded by trees and golden crunching of grass that hasn't had a drop of water for months. A summer picture. No matter where you are around the world, summer always includes that beautiful hot sun. 

08 August 2017

Simple Effective Skincare

ASAP Skin care | Cassandra Lee Blog

I love discovering new products and brands, and when they are owned and made in Australia they automatically spike my interest. 

16 July 2017

Change is on the Horizon

Slogan tee

WOW! What a crazy month it has been and it hasn't finished yet. 

As some of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen a few weeks back, we have decided to sell our house and move out of town a bit further. And I thought seeing as I have been quite absent from the online world recently I'd do a post about why we have decided to move.

22 June 2017

Evo Hair Review

Evo hair ry.com.au | Cassandra Lee Blog

I've been wanting to try products from Evo from the moment I saw their quirky product names. 

Before I get into the products themselves tho, I have to talk about the brand and packaging. "Saving ordinary humans from themselves" is the brands motto which matches perfectly to their fresh, cool and somewhat wacky descriptions on their products. 

01 May 2017

Modern Classics

 Levis 501s | Cassandra Lee Blog

We've all seen bloggers all over the internet wearing their vintage Levi 501s and wished we too could find the perfect vintage pair. Unfortunately that's not really very realistic when everyone is hunting them down. Luckily tho Levi has released the classic style with a few new twists. 

29 March 2017

Style Essentials - The Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt Wardrobe staple | Cassandra Lee Blog

The midi skirt - stylish, classic & super versatile.

16 March 2017

Wardrobe Rehab - How to Create a Curated Wardrobe

Wardrobe rehab | Cassandra Lee Blog
We've all been there - staring into a closet full of clothes just to find we have 'nothing to wear'. Impulse buying and lack of direction when it comes to what to buy, results in us having a wardrobe bursting at the seams, but full of things that don't go together, creating hours of wasting time trying on clothes before finally coming up with an outfit for the day, that looks half decent.