14 July 2018

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5 new beauty product discoveries.

06 April 2018

Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel

Skinstitut micro peel, peeling masks

You may have seen me share the Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel a few times over on my Instagram, but I haven't really spoken much about it other than I've really enjoyed using it. And after re-falling in love with it in the past few weeks it was about time I dedicated a blog post to it. 

20 March 2018

Styling the Bump at 30 Weeks

Styling the bump, bump style, maternity fashion | Cassandra Lee

It's no lie, dressing an ever changing body is no easy feat and I have definitely not mastered it, even tho this is my second time round. I expected a lot of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy to work this time, but my bump is a VERY different shape (and size - I'm HUGE!) compared to when I was pregnant with Amelia and because of this most of the maternity clothes I had kept from my first pregnancy have long been discarded into my "can't fit this" pile.

15 February 2018

Hello Bump

Well, where have I been for the last few months? Unless you follow me over on Instagram you may not know that my partner and I are expecting our second child.

09 January 2018

Summer Inspiration #1

A collection of images currently inspiring me. 

14 September 2017


Linen Dress | Cassandra lee Blog

Sun shining, gently warming your skin. Blue skies, squinted eyes. Beaches...or maybe like me your surrounded by trees and golden crunching of grass that hasn't had a drop of water for months. A summer picture. No matter where you are around the world, summer always includes that beautiful hot sun. 

08 August 2017

Simple Effective Skincare

ASAP Skin care | Cassandra Lee Blog

I love discovering new products and brands, and when they are owned and made in Australia they automatically spike my interest.